Al Aleem

Questions you may want to ask.



How can I register ?

Please fill in the Registration form OR call us immediately.  One of our staff members will contact you with further information of how to proceed within 24 hours. You do not need to pay any admission fee. After the trial period is over, you will be required to pay for selected course.

Our Teachers :

We have highly motivated and well trained team of tutors working under the supervision of qualified, skilled and experienced manager.

How it works?

Call us or fill in the Registration form .We will send to you information to make a setup to start classes. After completion of registration and software installation process, you will be assigned with a well- versed Quran tutor for one-to-one live interactive classes.

How would tutoring class take place ?

After you have joined Al Aleem Quran teaching, at an agreed time your classes will be commenced using telephony and screen sharing software.


What you need to get started ?

A personal computer/laptop .
A internet connection.
A computer headset.
We use Skype, a quality internet telephony software, for voice conversation.
At the start of class you will be provided with screen sharing software which will enable you to see the lessons on your monitor.

What we collect

We may collect the following information:
contact information including email address

Why Us?

Simply because we are "The Best" among the rest!

We are the first and undoubtedly the best online
Holy Quran tutoring and Islamic School provider. There is no other way but to
check for yourself as to why our services are
above all the others in quality and excellence.
It works with you and your budget!

With your budget :

We are proud that since our start we have not accepted any single dollar donation from any organization or person. We are running institution on small monthly fees that we receive from students.


Who will teach us male/female?

Both male and female teachers are available on your demand.