Language is the source of communication and communication is the tool for interacting with people in everyday life. It is the means for perception. English language may be a foreign language but it is


Speaking performance is very important for students to be able to attain the highest levels of success both personally and academically. This online course will help you to review your own skills and learn new techniques for oral expression. You will become aware of the expressive speaking abilities required to develop learning and you will learn to review your own skills with new techniques, based on research studies.

Learn English with our beginner level English courses even if you have little or no exposure to English! You'll build a base of English vocabulary and learn to put sentences together, introduce yourself and understand some beginner English phrases. Beginner courses focus on Nouns, Negation, Adjectives, Plurals, Numbers, Careers, Prepositions, Conjugation and many more topics.

The learning outcomes from Speaking and Learning are:

• An understanding of the process of communication as it relates to thinking, understanding and speaking;
• Experience of working through tasks to improve communication ability;
• Experience of approaches to develop communication in holistic ways understanding the shift between oracy  and literacy;
• The ability to evaluate objective and subjective evidence.